"Harpo, who dees chirrun?" :-).  That has, indeed, been the driving question this year.  Who exactly is this clan we call "Cobble & Alvis Family"?
In previous years this has been the reunion of the Cobble & Alvis descendants - the offspring of Helen Stevenson & Henry Cobble and Helen Stevenson & John Alvis - in Louisville, KY.  Henry Cobble is the oldest son of  James (Big Jim/Jimbo) Cobble and Velma Clay Cobble. 
Although we are a large bunch within ourselves, God has allowed us to branch out (via social media) and connect with so many more extended Cobble family members...which is indeed a blessing!  So, it is with this mindset of unity & love that we will be joining with more family members this reunion - from the descendants of James "Big Jim/Jimbo" and Velma Cobble to the descendants of Big Jim's brother, Elic "Doc/Alex" Cobble - we are looking forward to linking the past and bridging the gap.  Thus, the reunion is open to ALL family members far and near.  At the end of the day, we are all family anyway...blood or not, we're all still connected.  So, please come and join us July 25th - 27th in Louisville, KY for a weekend full of fun, games, connecting, and love! 
When & where is the 2014 reunion being held?
The 2014 Cobble & Alvis Family Reunion will be held July 25th - 27th in Louisville, KY. On Friday, July 25th we will be at the J'Town Community Center for the Mardi Gras opening meet & greet/social.  On Saturday, July 26th, we will have an old-school BBQ picnic at Cherokee Park Hogan's Fountain Pavilion.  And on Sunday, July 27th, we will close down our weekend festivities aboard the Captain's Quarters Princess brunch down the Ohio River.
Where will family members stay during the reunion?
For all traveling family members (and those local members who just wanna get away for a weekend), hotel accommodations for the reunion will be at the:
  • Comfort Inn & Suites East
    1850 Resource Way
    Louisville, KY 40299
    (502) 266-6509
This all-suite hotel is located in Louisville's East end and located adjacent to Blue Grass Industrial Park. The room rate is $80/night for single or double room with breakfast included.  Each room also has a pull out couch.  Reserve your room directly with Comfort Inn & Suites and use block  room name: Cobble & Alvis Family Reunion to receive the discount.  
What are the reunion fees?
This year we have two options available for you:
  • Option #1 includes the boat cruise on Sunday
  • Option #2 DOES NOT include the boat cruise. 
Option #1
Registration Fees (includes boat cruise):
Senior Citizens (75 & older)      $15 per person
Ages 13 - Adult                               $75 per person
Ages 6-12                                          $55 per person
Ages 5 & under                               $15 per person
Option #2
Registration Fees (NOT including boat cruise):
Senior Citizens (75 & older)      $15 per person
Ages 13 - Adult                               $60 per person
Ages 6-12                                          $40 per person
Ages 5 & under                               $15 per person
*Friends (Picnic ONLY)             $30 per person
* This price is for friends ONLY who wish to attend the picnic ONLY; otherwise they must pay the option #1 rate - which is the same as the family rate for the weekend)
*Please note that due to the maximum # allowed on the boat cruise, the boat will be 1st come, 1st served this year.  So get your monies in so you don't miss out!
5. Are friends welcomed? If so, what is the price?
YES, friends are welcomed.  If a family friend wishes to attend the picnic on Staurday only, their cost will be $30.  But if they wish to attend the entire weekend, the cost will be the same as family members - just depends on whether they take the boat cruise or not.
What is included in my registration fee?
  • Mardi Gras Party/Social and Catered Dinner
  • BBQ Picnic
  • T-Shirt*
  • Goody Bags
  • Brunch Cruise (if choosing option #1)
(*One T-shirt per family member is included in the price. Additional t-shirts are available for $15 each)
When are payments due?  Can I make partial payments?

*** Please note ALL payments are due by June 15th!


Payment plans are accepted for the reunion fees. However, please note that at least 1/2 is required by May 15th and the remaining balance is due no lster than June 15th.

How can I pay for my registration fees?
Payments can be made by any the following methods:
1.  In person at the following bank:
     Bank                                Account #
     BB&T                                  0005244351710 
*For all payments made at the bank, please send an email to  so you can be properly credited.
2.  Online through PayPal (can use debit card, credit card, or checking 
      acct.).  Please email us at for PayPal
3.  By giving it to one of the following committee members below  
      who will ensure it is deposited and accounted for, so you can be properly
  • Frances Dillard (Louisville)
  • Tawanna Edwards (Florida)
  • Carolyn Johnson (Louisville)
  • Kristy McLean (Atlanta) 
  • April Simpson (Louisville)
  • Kenny Slaughter (Louisville) 
  • Brian Warfield (Louisville)
  • Elaine Woods (Louisville)
4.  Send check or money order to:
      Tawanna Edwards
      8184 Lode Star Avenue
      Pensacola, FL 32514
*Please make check payable to Tawanna Edwards, but note “Cobble & Alvis Family Reunion” in the “for” column.
5.  Online through the family website:
     *Please note that all online payments are assessed an 8% processing  
       fee. This fee is mandated by the webhost for processing all payments.
      Any payments made online are automatically computed and
      credited to you.
What color are the t-shirts?
The t-shirts are the same as the 'reunion colors' this year - PURPLE and GOLD.
What is the reunion theme for this year?
The reunion theme for 2014 is:
One Family ~ One Love!
One Family ~ One Love embraces the fact that although we represent different branches of the family tree, we are all woven together by a common thread and that thread is LOVE! Born & bred from a common thread; a thread which connects us all - heart to heart-  and creates this beautiful tapestry we call FAMILY!
What happens if I pay for the reunion and cannot attend?
To receive a full refund, you must request it no later than June 25th.  Otherwise you will only receive a partial refund.   The amount cannot be determined until all fees have been paid.