The Cobble and Alvis Family ancestors can be traced as far back as the early 1800's. Throughout the centuries our ancestry has stemmed from slaves, slave owners, and Native Americans.  From the coasts of Cameroon and Congo, the villages of Benin and Togo, the rich soil of Nigeria, the vibrant rhythm of Senegal and the rich history and culture of Native America  - to - the coasts of Ireland and Great Britain, the deep countries of Germany, France, and Russia,  and the vibrancy of Italy and Spain- we have a strong family heritage which we are very proud of.

From the rich and vibrant soils of  Mother Africa to the rich and vibrant soils of America, we embody strength, culture, foritude, and passion like no other.  From the slave house to beyond, our family has been blessed to represent members of all professions, which includes (but is not limited to): preachers, teachers,  professors, physicians, lawyers, nurses, soldiers, airmen, pilots, musicians, poets, inventors, engineers, corporate executives, banking professionals, technicians, government employees, athletes, self-employed entrepreneurs, and many other trades, including food services, transportation, marketing, computers, and health services - just to name a few.  But, above all, we are children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who love the Lord.  And,  despite our  history, we understand our connection to Him and our connection to "family".  Thus, it is with this mindset that we join together in love to embrace all of us whom God has connected - whether through blood  to blood, vein to vein, or heart to heart. 

Due to the ever changing lives of our relatives this site requires continuous research and constant updating. This page will be updated as we obtain more information. We gratefully welcome all input from family members.  Who knows - you may have the information that provides another link to our puzzle. As the years go by and more information becomes available, we will be able to go back further and develop a more comprehensive documentary of our forefathers, their families and the lives they lived.

So, share your stories and photos.  We want to put a face to the legacies that they left behind. In the meantime, to love and believe in the history of our family you must look at them through the eyes of your heart.

This is an underwater sculpture, in Grenada, in honor of the African Ancestors that were thrown overboard the slave ships during the Middle Passage of the African Holocaust. 

HIS-STORY, teaches us that there was no life for Africans (African Americans) prior to slavery; this is far from the truth. Africans were dropped off at various locations around the globe prior to reaching the Americas. African blood runs deep in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Barbados, Grenada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Chile, Belize & far too many countries to name. So to all of my ancestors who were stolen, bartered, traded, raped, murdered, separated from families & children or simply told that you will never be looked at as more than property, I am thankful for your sacrifice and all of the privileges that I have been honored to have in 2014.
You are never forgotten. 



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