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A Family That Prays Together, Stays Together
A Family That Prays Together, Stays Together
My Prayer and Wish for Our Family
 I pray that we become closer and closer as a family united.
I pray that we connect on a deeper and more spiritual level.
I pray that we appreciate and accept each other.
I pray that we love and support each other through thick and thin.

I pray that we not take each other for granted.
I pray that we put judgments aside and truly listen to one another.
I pray that we understand that we are family for a reason
and that we take advantage of that reason.

I pray that we forgive and forget any and all past hurts that we have caused each other, even if we didn’t intentionally hurt the other.
I pray that we always have good intent when talking and sharing
information with each other.

I pray that we really get to know each other and that we show interest
in each other’s lives.
I pray that we be open to each other’s point of view,
especially when that point of view does not match our own.
I pray that we put all of our past struggles and lack of communication behind us
and go forward in a more positive, open, honest, and loving way.


We all know that there is strength when families come together in prayer! This page is open for any prayer request you wish to submit. If you desire prayer for anything, you can submit it through this link.