July 25, 2014
4 years, 7 months and 23 days since
our celebration.
Welcome to the official homepage for the
2014 Cobble & Alvis Family Reunion!


"Relax, Reflect, Renew, Reconnect"
We are expecting the Cobble & Alvis Family Reunion this year to be filled with great memories that will last a lifetime.  As we RElax, REflect, REnew & REconnect with loved ones far and near, we anticipate our REunion to be greater than ever!

Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend this three-day  joyous reunion 

July 25th, 26th, and 27th 2014
in Louisville, KY  
It is our goal to spend several days getting well-acquainted, laughing, and strengthening our family bond during the Cobble & Alvis Family Reunion
in July 2014.  Thank to social media we have been connecting with so many
more family members and look forward to meeting more at this years reunion.

So, prepare to join us for a fun-filled weekend! 
Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE! 
One Family ~ One Love!
This website will continue to serve as our offical means of communications as we plan and coordinate our family gathering.  We want you to come out, have fun, and enjoy! It's our hope that all Cobble and Alvis descendants will utilize this site to share pictures, comments, celebrations, businesses, memorials, and etc.

We look forward to seeing you, each and everyone of you in Louisville, KY, to celebrate our family history as we continue to grow! 
So, please take a moment to enjoy the site, tell a friend and sign the Guestbook so we'll know you visited! 
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